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• ANZEIGE | AD • SOME FALL ESSENTIALS EVEN WHEN IT STILL FEELS LIKE SUMMER ock Boots, which were the trend shoe of last season, has again asserted itself as a must-have this autumn/winter season. So I was more than thrilled when I discovered some really cool Sock Boots models in the current Peter Kaiser Autumn/Winter collection. If you are still looking for high quality boots, here

THE CALL OF THE WILD CURRENTLY TAKING OVER MY WARDROBE hen it comes to creativity, my thoughts are usually as wild as the current fashion trends. However, my creative mojo seems to have been boiled somehow during the hot summer months. Because if there's something like a creative identity crisis, then I had it. I knew exactly where I wanted to go with my content, only

[one-half-first]Of course I come around with one of my last Winter looks when we skipped Spring and straight going to summer with sunshine and 27 degrees. But we shot this look before Vietnam and never had the time to publish it. Since I love this outfit so much and well we have April, it could snow again next week, I'm just going to

I'M WEARING Zara Jacket, Lack of Color Hat, Zara Pants, Vic Matie Shoes, Sacred Hawk Bag ven though I could immediately skip forwards to spring right after Christmas, I think I have to get rid off all my Snow filled content first. We were luckily to experience some serious snow action (not the mud madness we get here in Cologne) during our stay at the Autostadt back

Scarf : Zara (here | here) Pants : Zara (here | here) Shoes : Buffalo (here | here) Blouse : Vintage (here | here) Bag : Marc Jacobs (here | here) Belt : Sacred Hawk (here | here) 'm not a dress kind a girl, that's a fact. So when it comes to the festive season it can get a little tricky, when you have to dress up and create a Christmas Outfit. I

Shoes : Buffalo (here) Vest : Zara (here | here) T-Shirt : Asos (here | here) Pants : Forever 21 (here | here) Bag : Vintage Aigner (here | here) t's no secret, I'm a sucker for music and festivals. Music is actually the biggest inspiration for all of my looks. Especially when the music is older than myself. That's probably the reason why a lot of my outfits

Scarf : Zara (here | here) Jeans : Zara (here | here) Shoes : Zara (here | here) Jacket : Asos (here | here) Sunglasses : Chloe (here | here) Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim (here | here) he headline of this blogpost is probably my favorite place on this earth besides the beach. I can't explain it, but New York just has this incredible energy everywhere you go. And I probably don't have to

Hat : H&M (here | here) Bag : Diesel (here | here) Scarf : Zara (here | here) Shoes : OXS (here | here) Jeans : Levi's (here | here) Jacket : H&M (here | here) ell it looks like we always get extreme weather when we're in New York. Last September was one of the hottest months of all time (35 degrees in a city like New York are tough) and now we

Blazer : Zara (here | here) Jeans : Levi's (here | here) Hat : Vintage (here | here) Coat : Vintage (here | here) Booties : Buffalo (here | here) Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim (here | here) T-Shirt : Palina Pralina Shop (here) ou know you love a pair of shoes (or a piece of clothing) when you get them in every color available, that's dedication people. Well this happened to me with these

It's finally getting colder which means that the layering season begins and the best part about it, you can use your favorite pieces from summertime and mix it with your new fall/winter wardrobe. And this means Overknee Boots for me, the latest addition are these black Boots from the new Buffalo collection. The fit is really nice, since you can tie them at