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COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS AND A DIFFERENT KIND OF GIFT GUIDE Vier Tage vor Weihnachten und dies mein erster weihnachtlich angehauchter Post. Ich habe dieses Jahr beschlossen, nicht gefühlt 10 verschiedene Gift Guides zu veröffentlichen, damit werdet ihr momentan eh schon überschüttet. Stattdessen wollte ich die Vorweihnachtszeit genießen und bereits an meinen (Blog) Vorsätzen für das Jahr 2019 arbeiten. Endlich wieder den kreativen und persönlichen Content

e are friends of a good Gin Tonic, fact. We discovered our love for this drink around two years ago. Call us late bloomers, but better late than never. In the meantime our Gin collection has grown considerably, because depending on your mood you need a different gin, right (all Gin friends will agree with me here). However, one of our favourite ones is

'm honest with you, at this moment I couldn't be more stressed. Only 4 days left until Christmas and it's probably not a secret, that December is the busiest month of the year. Creating posts every other day isn't the best for my stress levels as well (I'm currently working 14 hours a day). But it's all worth it, since I get so

inally coming to the mother of all Christmas presents, something you can never go wrong with. Obviously we're talking about high-quality watches. A timeless accessories for everyday (joke not intended). I've been wearing a watch every day ever since I can remember and I simply feel naked without it. This is probably due to the fact, that it's not just a watch for me,

f you know my photos and my style, you’ve probably noticed that I’m huge Fan of jewelry. I stopped counting how many rings and bracelets I wear on a daily basis. But my jewelry collection is actually really small, since quality is super important to me and I just know which styles I will love for a long time. A few month ago I

hristmas time is the perfect time to treat yourself for all of the hard work you've done this year. Treat yourself or of your loved ones with something luxury. And when your an interior lover and a sucker for everything aestethicly pleasing like I am, you know that Diptyque is right places to shop for these treats. I'm honest, I always underestimated home scents,

 SKAGEN WATCH & JEWELRY Because rosé gold is always a good idea. Wer meinen Scandinavian Streetstyle Post oder meinen Gift Guide for Him gelesen hat, weiß von meiner Vorliebe für das dänische Uhren und Accessoires Label Skagen. Die Uhren sind einfach das perfekte zeitlose und hochwertige Geschenk. Ich habe für die zu beschenkenden Damen das Modell 'Anita' rausgesucht, da bei Roségold grundsätzlich Frauenherzen höher schlagen.

#1 SKAGEN WATCH The all time favorite christmas present. Wohl der zeitloseste Klassiker (was bin ich wieder lustig) unter den Geschenken. Besonders für Männer, denn mein Freund hat bereits eine Sammelleidenschaft für Uhren entwickelt (kann man quasi nie genug haben). Meine bzw. unsere Favoriten sind die Uhren von Skagen, denn diese sind hochwertig und schlicht und sind damit das perfekte (Business-) Accessoire. Das Modell 'Hagen'

Love & Lights. I wish you all a merry christmas and a great time with your family and friends. Before I’m getting ready for the second day full of christmasy festivities I just wanted to show you the first photos of my Christmas Eve with my family.  Hope you enjoy the photos, more are following soon :) Liebe & Lichter. Ich wünsche euch allen frohe Weihnachten