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I'M WEARING Zara Jacket, Lack of Color Hat, Zara Pants, Vic Matie Shoes, Sacred Hawk Bag ven though I could immediately skip forwards to spring right after Christmas, I think I have to get rid off all my Snow filled content first. We were luckily to experience some serious snow action (not the mud madness we get here in Cologne) during our stay at the Autostadt back

s festive Winter season can get, it's not the easiest time for our skin. Cold temperatures, try heating air and pre Christmas stress are not really doing magic to our skin. Especially if you have dry skin like me, your skin isn't looking the best under these conditions. You look tired and definitely not fresh at all, when all you want is a

Bag : Picard (here) Jeans : Vintage (here | here) Coat : Noisy may (here | here) T-Shirt : Vintage (here | here) Shoes : Vic Matie (here | here) Faux Fur Coat : Mango (here | here) inding the right outfit is currently a real struggle, since it's freezing outside and I'm super busy at the moment, so the key to the perfect look is suitability for daily use. Layering is always the

a Weihnachten keine zwei Wochen mehr entfernt liegt, möchte ich euch die Wintertradition meiner Familie ein wenig näher bringen. Eventuell in der Absicht, dass auch weitere Familien zum Wintergrillen überlaufen, denn ja, dass ist keine saisonale Beschäftigung. Mein Papa hat schon vor Jahren mit einer Weber Sammlung angefangen, vom klassischen Kugelgrill bis hin zum motorisierten Drehspieß für die Weihnachtsgans (ja richtig gelesen), oh

You probably have already seen the classic Mou boots which are kind of looking like UGG Boots but with a special twist (stitch details are the signature look). The sneaker sole gives these shoes a complete new look and I'm wearing them almost everyday, since they go with almost every outfit and are just made for cold winter days (comfort levels are high).

Fall/Winter Collections. Today I want to show you all the pictures from the Parade Deutschland Press Day in Hamburg a couple of days ago. We had the chance to discover the new fashion collections from italian brands like European Culture, Mani Manilda and Peperosa. I have to say, I felt in love with so many beautiful pieces, especially the coats and the boots. I already had the

Last winter colors & Cut-Outs. Wuhu definitely spent too much time in the gym this morning because I’m totally exhausted, but ok the only thing I need to do today is studying (while sitting on the couch and watching the winter Olympics). Like every wednesday I want to show you a new outfit we shot last sunday and yes I’m wearing pants again

I need spring, chaos & freaking Storm. So today I have another outfit for you and I don’t know but I think it’s kind of difficult to dress for this season, because the weather here in Cologne is actual pretty warm for this month, but it’s super windy and this every freaking day (and I think it’s the most annoying thing ever when

10 hours of sleep & furry friends. After 10 hours of sleep (yep I needed it) I feel very motivated to work on a lot of things today, I already started to edited another ‚Follow me around‘ video for, which is going to be very christmassy themed and little spoiler, our christmas tree is huuuge :) But now to my saturday outfit post,

Sturdy shoes & styling ideas. I’m super excited to show you another pair of trend shoes from the current Buffalo Boots collection (a big thank you to Buffalo for that chance!). It’s a pair of combat boots (you can buy them HERE), yes I never thought that I would wear a shoe like that, but I can tell you, I’m absolutely in love. I’m

Yep, snow again, I'm so sick of it. But luckily the sun was shining and it was so warm that I was able to wear my favorite leather jacket (ok with a faux fur vest over it). Only less then two weeks and I'm going to study in cologne, I can't tell you how excited I am. I hope that I will have

Today I have a new outfit post for you. My boyfriend and I managed it to take some pictures in the snow chaos (fortunately it stopped snowing and the sun was shining). Of course it was not possible to wear some heels, but I love my studded boots as much as my high heels. Let me know what you thing about the photos and I wish you