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In the past few months we have had the pleasure of a few grey and rainy weeks. Unfortunately too many of them. Small spoiler, I am sitting in the sun with a coffee at the moment. So everything will be fine. Don‘t you worry. But in the last months it was really not easy for me to find inspiration for my outfits

WHILE WEARING A HARLEY DAVIDSON SWEATER AND KNEE-HIGH COWBOY BOOTS. I was close to writing ‚hey somehow I managed to create a feminine look (accidently)‘, but than I noticed, I’m wearing a Vintage Harley Davidson Sweater. Probably worn before by Jax Teller, let’s be real. If you have to google him now, we can’t be friends. Period. But to be honest, I wouldn’t describe my style

• enthält Markennennungen & Affiliate Links • A GOOD MIXTURE VINTAGE + QUALITY Still here. Still trying to figure out how to define my style. One thing is for sure, it‘s a good mixture of Vintage pieces, high-quality Basics and unique pieces from smaller independent Labels (like this Beret). And this Outfit is probably the best example for it. I found this Vintage structured Blazer a while

• enthält Markennennungen & Affiliate Links • PLAYING DRESS UP WELL KIND OF I was never an Dress kinda Girl and I probably will never really be. Probably because my style is more on the edgy side and masculine pieces like structured Men's Blazers and oversized Shirts are dominating my closet. But sometimes even I am in the right mood where only an extravagant dress can satisfy

• enthält Markennennungen & Affiliate Links • FALL, IS THIS YOU? SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE SEASONS What a weird transition from Summer to Fall. Well, there wasn't a transition. But we were kind of lucky to experience a never ending summer right? That's the reason, why I have some really XXX Outfit photos left. Gold leaves and 25 degrees, a summery of October 2018. It felt like wearing

• ANZEIGE | AD • SOME FALL ESSENTIALS EVEN WHEN IT STILL FEELS LIKE SUMMER ock Boots, which were the trend shoe of last season, has again asserted itself as a must-have this autumn/winter season. So I was more than thrilled when I discovered some really cool Sock Boots models in the current Peter Kaiser Autumn/Winter collection. If you are still looking for high quality boots, here