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The following text may seem a bit salty. It is. Besides my serious aversion to a vocabulary without 'please' and 'thank you' (am I stuffy or just well educated?), I also have an allergy to 'not knowing how to help myself' (I definitely blame that on education). But well, I'm here for you and we'll learn. So please forgive the side blows. I

'm skipping the 'another year has past bye' introductions, because nobody really needs this. And why stressing, because at the moment we can finally enjoy a little free time between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Keyword New Year's Eve, even if you haven't planned anything big, it's always nice to get ready a bit more than usual. Since an edgy look is a must

Youtuber, video requests & another monday. Lets start the new week with a fresh video. I really got into the Youtube thing and I’m feeling really motivated to film more videos, so let me know if you have any requests. Today I want to show you how I create my favorite look right now: a trendy orange lip together with a sleek hairstyle,

That relevant glow. I don’t know what it is but my skin always looks a bit ‚tired’ and dull no matter what I do, how much I sleep or which product I use. But now I can say that I finally found a way to make my face glowy and healthy looking, at least I think it looks like this :) I should

As I promised, the DIY tutorial for a tassel necklace. A big trend in fashion this fall. What you need: Scissors Wool in the colors of your choice A piece of cardboard Chain necklace Cable Strap (if you want) Step 1: Wrap the wool around the cardboard (how often depends on how 'plump' you want your tassel to be. Step 2: Take the wool of the cardboard and tie the whole thing at