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IT'S MAKING A COMEBACK AND I'M NOT MAD ABOUT IT. NOT AT ALL. The one print that will take over this year’s Spring/Summer Season. 100% guaranteed.And to be honest, I’m all here for it. Probably because it’s another trend from past decades which is a synonym for ‘chances are really high this trend is already existing in my wardrobe’. It's straight back from the 60's Hippie era. The

Shoes : Buffalo (here) Shirt : Zara (here | here) Bag : Vintage (here | here) Jeans : H&M (here | here) Blazer : Vintage (here | here) Socks : & other Stories (here | here) think this year was great when it comes to trends (hey at least one thing), from Vichy over Girlfriend jeans to Velvet, which is by far my favorite fashion trend. And somehow

You don't need to be much into fashion to see that maxi dresses and Chucks are the trend combo of this summer. My Chucks collection is growing more and more (head over to my Instagram for a really sick metallic high-top pair) and I think they are the most versatile shoes ever. The simple black version should be a must-have in every shoe

Mohawk Braids are all over my Pinterest lately, the reason for this is probably the upcoming festival season and yes Coachella. Normal braids just aren't enough anymore, so we have to step our braid game. I have to say, Mohawk braids aren't the easiest hairstyle you can do on your own. Actually I would say that my braiding skills are quite good, but

The perfect Carrie vibe. ‚Mule, a french word, is a style of shoe that is backless and often closed-toed. Mules can be any heel height - from flat to high.‘ I know this shoe is going to be a love/hate item, because I think that not everybody is going to like these beauties (which is totally ok for me :-P). But Mules are

The perfect hairstyle & my experiences. As you probably know from my social medias and my last blog post, I had the chance to try the American Blow Dry, big thanks to Wella Professionals for making this possible. As you can tell it’s an ‚American thing‘, but I’m really happy that it’s getting more and more common in Europe as well. So I don’t

Weird blogger habits, birthdays & sheer dresses. First of all, Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom, it’s her birthday today and unfortunately I can’t be at home today, but I’m looking forward to friday where I can give her a hug and maybe drink a glas of sparkling wine with her (ok actually I’m pretty sure that we’re going to do that). I

Cat hats, snake prints & strawberry Crêpes. Hey my loves, I just wanted to wish you a great weekend and show you some previews of my next outfit posts. I’m going to spend the weekend with my boyfriend here in Cologne doing some fun things and shooting some photos (if the weather gets better, because it’s raining right now buuh). Oh and I already

Miniskirts, shopping tips & summer feelings. A new month started and I wanted to look back on my outfits I worn in march and I’m super excited that I was able to wear skirts and dresses without tights YAY :) I also looked through several online shops and found some really effort able pieces so you can recreate the looks. Let me know what’s

Youtuber, video requests & another monday. Lets start the new week with a fresh video. I really got into the Youtube thing and I’m feeling really motivated to film more videos, so let me know if you have any requests. Today I want to show you how I create my favorite look right now: a trendy orange lip together with a sleek hairstyle,

The One, orange & fake piercings. Hey guys, so today I have a new (and I bit belated) outfit post for you. As I already told you in yesterdays post I wanted to create an outfit with a contrast, a miniskirt (and it was definitely too mini for a windy day) and a oversized sweater (bought this one at the men’s section). Luckily it was