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IT'S MAKING A COMEBACK AND I'M NOT MAD ABOUT IT. NOT AT ALL. The one print that will take over this year’s Spring/Summer Season. 100% guaranteed.And to be honest, I’m all here for it. Probably because it’s another trend from past decades which is a synonym for ‘chances are really high this trend is already existing in my wardrobe’. It's straight back from the 60's Hippie era. The

o I told you, that we (yes Jochen included) discovered a new 'hair secret' which changed our styling game quite a lot. A few weeks ago we got introduced to the Dyson Supersonic, a next level hair dryer. I have to say, I always used a really affordable hair dryer, because I thought it wouldn't make a difference compared to a more professional

hen you ask my about my style, I actually have no idea what to say. It's a wild mixture of everything, because that's what I like. But it's never girly, well my complete personality isn't girly, I just enjoy the rough stuff. So I decided why not starting a Styling series where I show you how I like to style and combine different

ollowing situation, my first festival is in one weeks and the plan is to not wash my hair for these four days. And I already now, that my festival hair is going to end up in a braid under a hat. Because I don't really care how I look like during these days. But I got so many requests to share some ideas

Some of you have already seen it on my Social Media Accounts, I was in Copenhagen a couple of days ago for a very special project. If you told me a few years ago, that I'm going to have the chance to co-design my own collection one day, oh well, dream on. But then you find yourself on a plane on the way

I probably don't need to explain the complete Jumpsuit thing, because these kind of one-pieces in long or short are a big thing in the fashion industry for a couple of years now. So there are mixed feelings about Jumpsuits, because let's be honest it's not the most practical thing on this planet. You know what I'm talking about when you're standing completely

Summer has finally arrived in Germany and wow 33 degress, I'm just saying. For us this is hot like hell, so dressing for this weather isn't that easy, because most of the times you just want to wear nothing. That's the reason why my outfits are very simple during these hot days, just really short (super duper short) lace-up shorts, a light top

You don't need to be much into fashion to see that maxi dresses and Chucks are the trend combo of this summer. My Chucks collection is growing more and more (head over to my Instagram for a really sick metallic high-top pair) and I think they are the most versatile shoes ever. The simple black version should be a must-have in every shoe

Ich melde mich nach kleiner Pause wieder zurück, denn die letzte Woche vor Abgabe meiner Bachelorarbeit ist gekommen und zum Glück steht diesbezüglich 'nur noch' der 'lästige Kleinkram' auf dem Plan. Gott noch eine Woche und dann ist es geschafft, ich kann es selber kaum glauben. Für alle die meine stressige Endphase auf Snapchat (@thelfashion) verfolgen, wissen wovon ich spreche (übrigens meine Klausuren

I finally found a minute to write to you and upload this new outfit. I just finished exam number two, ‚just‘ five more and I can welcome my long holidays, that’s the only reason why I’m not completely frustrated right now. So when you have read my latest shoe post about the Mules from Buffalo Boots, you know what’s coming today, the matching outfit.

Goodness Gracious on repeat. So what to do when it’s cold outside and you don’t want to wear tights (because I hate wearing them)? Right, just put on your favorite dress and combine it with overknee boots and a big faux fur coat, no tights needed. In my opinion the perfect chic look to wear on colder spring days, but I hope that the weather