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• ANZEIGE | AD • Stars fill my dream. I'm a traveler of both time and space. (Kashmir - Led Zeppelin) ne of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs. Probably because other 'galaxies' have always fascinated me. Blame it on my preferences for Harrison Ford as Han Solo, my boyfriend the hobby astrologer or the breathtaking NASA Instagram Account (highly recommended). As Peek & Cloppenburg (There are two independent

• ANZEIGE | AD • SOME FALL ESSENTIALS EVEN WHEN IT STILL FEELS LIKE SUMMER ock Boots, which were the trend shoe of last season, has again asserted itself as a must-have this autumn/winter season. So I was more than thrilled when I discovered some really cool Sock Boots models in the current Peter Kaiser Autumn/Winter collection. If you are still looking for high quality boots, here

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. omewhere between elbow strokes of tourists and the moment you can't believe you're in this very place. The story of New York, but nowhere is that 'I'm really here'-feeling as strong as when entering the Brooklyn Bridge. Arriving unspectacularly in a Subway Station in Brooklyn and feeling like landed somewhere in nowhere, you find

There were days where my shoe closet was filled with black shoes, because I always thought ‚you can wear them with everything’. But this definitely changed, when I look at my current shoe collection, there’s the complete color pallete, from bright orange to a royal blue and only the lowest to shelfs are filled with my beloved black booties. Today I want to

So it's pretty obvious to wear light colors and no tights (yes yes yes, hate them). Luckily I found some amazing creme colored pieces at American Apparel a while ago, the perfect addition for all my 'Nude-Friends'. Ok I have to say, wearing light colors during a really grey season is kind of unusual, since most of the people think about spring

Today's post is a bit different, since I'm going to show you the brand new Paris Collection by Tory Burch, wich is inspired by our all time favorite fashion city, Paris (as you probably can tell by the name of the collection, d'uh). My latest fashion resolution is to bring more colors into my looks, since when it comes to my looks it's

Today I'm going to show you one of my new favorites in my closet, since I can tick off a designer piece of my wish list. Acne Studios was always a perfect label for me, since you can style the clean but edgy basic pieces in so many ways. Let's be real the swedish label is just the pure coolness and the essential

Old & new. So today just a few words, because right now I’m getting ready to shot some photos with my dear friend Thomas from Rauhut Photography. But of course I wanted to show you a new outfit with this super pretty lace blouse that my mother and I found in our attic, I just love pieces like this. Because we have summer temperatures here

12 years later, sunny saturdays & my passion. I had a wonderful day together with my boyfriend at the Nürburgring, you probably know that I grew up here and that I’m into motorsport. It was nice to have a little break from the big city life and enjoying the nature (with a pair of sneakers and no make-up). And hey I got my

Chunky & fine. Just a few words, because I have to go back to my (very time consuming) project for university. But I have a new outfit post for you, with some additions to my fall wardrobe, which has probably something to to with knit and the color burgundy. I love to combine different textures like chunky knit sweaters and fine skirts and

I think this sunday is going to be a very relaxed one, actually we wanted to shoot some outfit pictures, but it's super dark and rainy outside. But ok I have one week left to finish my assignment for university (and I'm really happy about that fact), so this is the reason (ok and the weather) for the lack of outfit posts right