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IT'S MAKING A COMEBACK AND I'M NOT MAD ABOUT IT. NOT AT ALL. The one print that will take over this year’s Spring/Summer Season. 100% guaranteed.And to be honest, I’m all here for it. Probably because it’s another trend from past decades which is a synonym for ‘chances are really high this trend is already existing in my wardrobe’. It's straight back from the 60's Hippie era. The

Rf I'm going to tell you, that I actually don't own that many clothes, you're probably going to laugh your ass off. ButI fact: I'm simply not able to own that many clothes, because I'm sharing the smallest closet ever with my boyfriend. But I don't mind, since I'm really picky with shopping and clothes anyway, I simply know what I want (and

Bag : Furla Skirt : Versace Jacket : Sandro Shoes : Converse Sunglasses : Miu Miu ven though the weather isn't ready for spring yet, the fashion industry is and this for weeks now. So we're confronted with tons of trends and inspirations and I can say, I'm confused. Simply because I can't think about flowy dresses and sandals right now, instead I like to invest in some high

ast weekend we had the chance to attend the big store opening event of the new Forever 21 store in Dortmund. You all know how much I love Forever 21, since they really have great trend pieces for affordable prices. Especially during summer time their collections are amazing, so right now you can get amazing crochet tops, boho inspired Maxi dresses (this season

Ich hatte euch ja bereits in einigen Posts schon von meinen Shoppinggewohnheiten berichtet, denn ich versuche (Betonung auf versuche) lediglich vier Mal im Jahr meinen Kleiderschrank auf die kommende Jahreszeit ‚vorzubereiten’. Ich bin jemand den shoppen nämlich total stresst, ja ihr habt richtig gelesen. Aus diesem Grund durchstöbere ich zu jeder neuen Saison sämtliche Blogs und Magazine auf die Trends und Essentials der

As I already told you in my latest blogpost, I visited the new Forever 21 Store in Bochum Ruhr Park yesterday for their Grand Opening Event. I always love to shop at different Forever 21 stores, since I always find completely different styles and pieces than online or in my go to Forever 21 store in Düsseldorf. Also I always have the best time,

It's time for another Forever 21 Store opening here in Germany, to be precisely in Bochum (Ruhr Park). For me it's always super exciting when I hear the news about a new Forever 21 store, since it's the perfect place to shop super stylish but affordable outfits. Especially the new fall/winter collection is a fashion's girl come true. I listed my current top

     1.     CAP from Monki (here)                                    1.     SHOES from Asos (here)      2.     OVERALL from Noisy May (here)                    2.     RING from Asos (here)      3.     WATCH

Miniskirts, shopping tips & summer feelings. A new month started and I wanted to look back on my outfits I worn in march and I’m super excited that I was able to wear skirts and dresses without tights YAY :) I also looked through several online shops and found some really effort able pieces so you can recreate the looks. Let me know what’s

Hey guys, spring is here and besides all my fashion must haves I want to tell you about my few spring essentials that I'm currently using all the time. - Prepare your chapped lips from winter with a lip balm, I've tried so many of them and the best one is definitely the lip care from The    Body Shop - pastel is one of the