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• enthält Markennennungen & Affiliate Links • FALL, IS THIS YOU? SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE SEASONS What a weird transition from Summer to Fall. Well, there wasn't a transition. But we were kind of lucky to experience a never ending summer right? That's the reason, why I have some really XXX Outfit photos left. Gold leaves and 25 degrees, a summery of October 2018. It felt like wearing

THE CALL OF THE WILD CURRENTLY TAKING OVER MY WARDROBE hen it comes to creativity, my thoughts are usually as wild as the current fashion trends. However, my creative mojo seems to have been boiled somehow during the hot summer months. Because if there's something like a creative identity crisis, then I had it. I knew exactly where I wanted to go with my content, only

[one-half-first]Some favorite (under 15€) Vintage pieces, some high-quality goodies like timeless denim and black Gucci mules. Et voilà, your perfect weekend look.[/one-half-first] [one-half]Einige geliebte (unter 15€) Vintage Funde, einige hochwertige Teile wie zeitloses Denim und schwarze Gucci Mules. Et voilà, der perfekte Wochenend-Look.[/one-half] I'M WEARING Gucci Shoes, Vintage Shirt, Ray Ban Sunglasses Sandro Jeans, Vintage Belt,  Seidenfelt Bag, Vintage Hat ince I'm currently working on my vacation outfit planning,

Long Blouse : Esprit (here) Midi Dress : Esprit (here) Bag : Matt & Nat (here) Booties : Buffalo (here) Jacket : Vintage (here) lorals? For Spring? Groundbreaking, we probably all agreed with Meryl Streep on this statement. Nevertheless the spring needs some flowers like festivals need fringe jackets, besides that floral prints have so much more to offer than being a symbol for the current season. So I also found some cool

irst of all, the easy way because you don't need any tools, screws or anything to put art on your wall. Since I like to change this up from time to time (actually quite often to be honest) I decided not to hang my pictures. Instead I got these picture ledges from Ikea, where you can arrange the pictures the way you like it.

I know my holiday looks aren't the best outfit inspiration at the moment, since it's freezing and raining in my hometown Cologne/Germany, but the shooting locations here on the thai islands are just too pretty to not share with you. And who knows, maybe you live in a warm country (in this case lucky you) or you're planning your next summer get away,

You probably have already seen the classic Mou boots which are kind of looking like UGG Boots but with a special twist (stitch details are the signature look). The sneaker sole gives these shoes a complete new look and I'm wearing them almost everyday, since they go with almost every outfit and are just made for cold winter days (comfort levels are high).

‚I felt in love with them immediately, because hello, an affordable but high quality pair of shoes inspired by the Valentino Rock Studs, yep Buffalo you got me once again.‘ Hey my loves, guess what, it’s time for another shoe post. The last days it was raining like crazy and there was no change to wear these pretty ones. I picked them up at the

Weird blogger habits, birthdays & sheer dresses. First of all, Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom, it’s her birthday today and unfortunately I can’t be at home today, but I’m looking forward to friday where I can give her a hug and maybe drink a glas of sparkling wine with her (ok actually I’m pretty sure that we’re going to do that). I

The One, orange & fake piercings. Hey guys, so today I have a new (and I bit belated) outfit post for you. As I already told you in yesterdays post I wanted to create an outfit with a contrast, a miniskirt (and it was definitely too mini for a windy day) and a oversized sweater (bought this one at the men’s section). Luckily it was