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s festive Winter season can get, it's not the easiest time for our skin. Cold temperatures, try heating air and pre Christmas stress are not really doing magic to our skin. Especially if you have dry skin like me, your skin isn't looking the best under these conditions. You look tired and definitely not fresh at all, when all you want is a

Ok let's be real, I love how my hair looks at the beach, because you get these natural beach waves that you can never ever achive at home, no matter what products or tools you use (it's a freaking miracle). But unfortunately there's a downside for your hair when it comes to the beach life, since the salt water, chlor and all the

Last week I had the chance to try the Kérastase Fusio-Dose hair treatment at the Marlis Möller salon in Düsseldorf. You know how much I care about my hair, I always try to make them look best, but 'protect' them at the same time. Even though my hair is actually really healthy (I don't have split ends or so), I have the driest