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ock on ring 2018, where to begin. Because once again I became aware of the huge influence music had on my personal development and style and how important it is to let the right people into my life. Rock am Ring gives me more than every 5 star luxury vacation on this planet. It doesn't matter if I sit on the air mattress praying

• ANZEIGE | AD • ndlich ist es wieder soweit. Rock am Ring steht vor der Tür und damit verbunden der Beginn einer weiteren Festival Saison. Wir sind beide schon voller Vorfreude, denn wir werden auch dieses Jahr wieder mit unserer Lidl Familie vor Ort sein. Seit Jahr 1 (damals noch in meinem Heimartort Mendig), schwärmen wir von der Idee, den Lidl-Rockshop, einen Supermarkt auf

t's Rock am Ring when you weren't able to see one of your favorite bands (Rammstein) again, when you used two rolls of tape and when the love always wins, even when there's a terror warning (luckily nothing happened). I'm honest, I haven't showered for 5 days, haven't washed my hands a lot and on the last day I was probably 50% beer and

So just in short: two days left until I have to submit my assignment (and I still have a lot to do), but ok lets do it ;) and after that I finally have more time for outfit post and intensive 'blog care', I have some big plans for next month and I will need your help for that, so stay tuned. But

So today I have some impressions of my rainy and cold, oh and let my add muddy weekend. As I told you in my 'My weekend plans' post I was at the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring (like every year) and the weather is always weird at this place (snow at one moment and sun at the other). But nevertheless it's always

Hey guys, I hope you have a grew saturday. I'm writing from my parents balcony (we arrived here 2 hours ago) and I just want to share my weekend plans with you (I love long weekends, thanks to the holiday). You probably know that my parents (and I for 22 years) live next to the Nürburgring, a very famous and meaningful race track.

Hey guys, hope you have a relaxing sunday. Right know I'm watching Formula One (yep I love Motorsport), but after that I need to work on my presentation (topic: social media marketing). So I think I can say that I have a really 'unfashionable' day, but in my opinion sundays are made for that. I hope you enjoy this little photo diary post

Yep, snow again, I'm so sick of it. But luckily the sun was shining and it was so warm that I was able to wear my favorite leather jacket (ok with a faux fur vest over it). Only less then two weeks and I'm going to study in cologne, I can't tell you how excited I am. I hope that I will have

24h race started at the Nürburgring (famous race track) here in Germany. I grew up in a city 30 minutes away from this race track and I think that´s the reason for my passion for motorsport, because this place always makes me feel excited. Yesterday evening we visited the camping place and went for a little walk on the track itself, because the