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Happy New Year & Creative Flows. Happy New Year And the news that regular Blogposts are at the top of my 2020 resolutions list. Your girl got her creative flow back. DETAILS Lack of Color Hat, Brandy Melville T-ShirtMango Sunglasses| Affiliate Links |

'm skipping the 'another year has past bye' introductions, because nobody really needs this. And why stressing, because at the moment we can finally enjoy a little free time between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Keyword New Year's Eve, even if you haven't planned anything big, it's always nice to get ready a bit more than usual. Since an edgy look is a must

Smokey eyes, bright lips & big hair. Today I’m starting my little New Year’s series, where I’m going to show you all of my inspiration for that very glamorous and festive night of the year, because we’re hosting a little party this year. Fashion, food/drink and decoration inspirations are following very soon. Find all the pictures on my PINTEREST ACCOUNT. Smokey Eyes, rote Lippen & jede Menge

Hey guys, I wish you all a happy new year! I hope you had a great start into 2013. Today I just want to show you some pictures of my New Year's Eve party.  And the first outfit post of this year is coming very soon. Hey Leute, ich wünsche euch allen ein frohes neues Jahr, ich hoffe ihr hattet einen guten Start ins Jahr 2013.

I hope you had a wonderful christmas. Today I bought my dress for New Year's Eve and of course I'm going to upload some pictures of it before monday. But for now I have just some random pictures for you, the last ones from christmas and some of my outfit details. I wish you all a great weekend, have a lot of fun!