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• ANZEIGE | AD • Stars fill my dream. I'm a traveler of both time and space. (Kashmir - Led Zeppelin) ne of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs. Probably because other 'galaxies' have always fascinated me. Blame it on my preferences for Harrison Ford as Han Solo, my boyfriend the hobby astrologer or the breathtaking NASA Instagram Account (highly recommended). As Peek & Cloppenburg (There are two independent

• collaboration with Jake*s | Zusammenarbeit mit Jake*s • Pants : Jake*s Collection (here | here) Blazer : Jake*s Collection (here | here) Shoes : Pomme D'or (here | here) T-Shirt : EMP (here | here) Bag : Topshop (here | here) o thank god, suits aren't only worn by men for a long time now, because there's probably no bigger statement you could make. And thanks again, that classic (actual

I'm not the biggest fan of 'what you definitely should have in your closet' lists, because when it comes to fashion, classics are not really what you can find in my closet. So a black or beige Trenchcoat wouldn't find its way into my wardrobe, even though it's a supposed must-have. But when we're talking about an khaki suede option, well that's another