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• PRESS TRIP | CONTAINS BRAND NAMES & AFFILIATE LINKS • Escape is definitely the right word, since I'm feeling quite 'stuck' at the moment. I hate the beginning months of the year, the weather is horrible, everything feels so goddamn grey and slow, motivation and inspiration included. So usual we go on our big yearly vacation during these months. Well not this year,

e're a generation that never stops, timeout is a foreign word for the most of us. We would never complain about lack of sleep, but are suffering from FOMO, fear of missing out. We can't stand missing something. For my part I don't care about fancy events or parties, it's more that one of my biggest fears is waisting time. I feel kind

s a gift for our 5th anniversary we decided to stay a night in Paris to discover the city a bit more, since we're always so busy with projects when we're traveling. We stayed at The Grand Pigalle Hotel which was the best decision ever, because this hotel is a real treasure with an amazing design and really helpful and friendly staff. Since we

Looking through all the photos from Thailand is actually really painful right now, since it's raining here in Germany all day everyday, it's fun. I can't tell you how much I want to wake up with sunshine and put my typical 'island look' on. A good island looks includes high waisted denim shorts and a cropped top, in the best case, a crochet

When it comes to finding the right Hotel I'm the right one, trust me, because when I'm away from home I need to feel comfortable, otherwise I'm a real pain in the neck. Finding a good hotel in Germany is quite easy, because you get a feel for it after a while and you know which sites/hotels you can trust. When we planned

Since so much happened during Fashion Week Berlin I decided to summarize everything in a photo diary, since you know a picture is worth a thousand words. Ok and I have to say, that I'm really stressed out right now. You probably already know that finally find the time to travel and go on a real vacation (don't even know when I was