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[one-half-first]Some favorite (under 15€) Vintage pieces, some high-quality goodies like timeless denim and black Gucci mules. Et voilà, your perfect weekend look.[/one-half-first] [one-half]Einige geliebte (unter 15€) Vintage Funde, einige hochwertige Teile wie zeitloses Denim und schwarze Gucci Mules. Et voilà, der perfekte Wochenend-Look.[/one-half] I'M WEARING Gucci Shoes, Vintage Shirt, Ray Ban Sunglasses Sandro Jeans, Vintage Belt,  Seidenfelt Bag, Vintage Hat ince I'm currently working on my vacation outfit planning,

Scarf : Zara (here | here) Pants : Zara (here | here) Shoes : Buffalo (here | here) Blouse : Vintage (here | here) Bag : Marc Jacobs (here | here) Belt : Sacred Hawk (here | here) 'm not a dress kind a girl, that's a fact. So when it comes to the festive season it can get a little tricky, when you have to dress up and create a Christmas Outfit. I

'Now she's hit the big time in the USA' | The Beatles - Honey Pie Shoes - Buffalo (here) Bag - Aigner (here | here) Jacket - Zara (here | here) Shorts - Mango (here | here) Sunglasses - Mango (here | here) et's be real, when you see these red Plateau High Heels (by the way, now on the Buffalo Sale), you immediately think about a certain branche. Ok you

Shoes : Buffalo (here) Shirt : Zara (here | here) Bag : Vintage (here | here) Jeans : H&M (here | here) Blazer : Vintage (here | here) Socks : & other Stories (here | here) think this year was great when it comes to trends (hey at least one thing), from Vichy over Girlfriend jeans to Velvet, which is by far my favorite fashion trend. And somehow

Oh hey, back at it again with the burgundy shoes. Like I already told you in my last outfit post, I'm kind of over buying black shoes, since it just gets boring and my style has changed so much during the last couple of month that I really like to enjoy playing around with different colors. She said and uploaded a total black

Shoes with Lace-Up details are everywhere right now, first seen on Streetstyle stars you can get them everywhere lately. I adore this trend since the details wrapped around the ankles immediately gives your looks a sexy vibe. Lace-Up details work with every kind of shoes, flats and High Heels. I especially felt in love with these simple nude High Heels from Buffalo, since

Hey my loves, sorry for the lack of 'outfit updates' lately, but I'm so busy with my bachelor thesis and oh lord it's a mess. But we have enough looks in stock, so new outfit posts are coming (when I finally find the time to write something). The weather really changed here in Germany, aka it's already kind of freezing and I have to

Dieser Post hat aus zweierlei Gründen eine große Bedeutung für mich. Der erste, ich glaube so habt ihr mich einfach noch nie gesehen und ganz ehrlich, so habe ich mich selber noch nie gesehen und der zweite, es wird trotz Oberflächlichkeiten persönlich. Also stellt euch auf jeden Fall schon mal auf umfangreichere literarische Ergüsse ein. Der eigentliche Grund warum ich diesen Post zusammen mit

I can't tell you how happy I am that we have some looks in stock for you, because it's pouring rain in Germany and all I want is summer, since my closet is full of summer pieces. A few days ago we shot this look, which is just perfect for the beginning of summer. I'm so in love with this leather jacket,

‚I felt in love with them immediately, because hello, an affordable but high quality pair of shoes inspired by the Valentino Rock Studs, yep Buffalo you got me once again.‘ Hey my loves, guess what, it’s time for another shoe post. The last days it was raining like crazy and there was no change to wear these pretty ones. I picked them up at the

Girls dream, cool people & shoooes. Hey guys and happy saturday. Today I want to share with you my impressions from the Buffalo Boots Blogger Event last tuesday in Munich. You probably know that I love their shoes for quite a long time now and I’m super thankful that I have the chance to try the new ones. So it was not a hard

Long legs & stressful times. So hello my loves, from a desk full of university stuff, exam time is right around the corner and I’m trying my best to prepare as much things as possible. Because I don’t want that my blog is going to be neglected during this stressful time, we already shot some outfits and I prepared some posts for you,