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MY WELLA PROFESSIONALS COLOR TREATMENT WITH THE NEW KOLESTON PERFECT Erinnert sich noch jemand daran, dass ich in diesem Sommer in einem Augenblick (des eigentlich gut durchdachten Wahnsinns) meine Haare bis knapp zu den Schultern habe abschneiden lassen? Meine helleren Längen und Spitzen waren damit auch hinfällig. Es dauerte auch nicht lang, da fehlte mir genau dieser Blondton und ja vielleicht auch ein kleines bisschen meine

hen it comes to my hair, is 'picky' probably the right word. If I had to choose between perfect make-up or hair, my choice would be clear. My hair has always been important to me and so I make sure that they never suffer too much damage. Especially dyeing can be a challenge, because I like to lighten my lengths and tips. That's why

o I told you, that we (yes Jochen included) discovered a new 'hair secret' which changed our styling game quite a lot. A few weeks ago we got introduced to the Dyson Supersonic, a next level hair dryer. I have to say, I always used a really affordable hair dryer, because I thought it wouldn't make a difference compared to a more professional

ollowing situation, my first festival is in one weeks and the plan is to not wash my hair for these four days. And I already now, that my festival hair is going to end up in a braid under a hat. Because I don't really care how I look like during these days. But I got so many requests to share some ideas

I get so many questions about how I style my messy Half Bun, well it takes me probably around three minutes, because it's just the best way to style your 'second day hair'. Essentials are dry shampoo for your roots, I can really recommend the Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender and some oil for your dry ends, I always use the Redken

Ok let's be real, I love how my hair looks at the beach, because you get these natural beach waves that you can never ever achive at home, no matter what products or tools you use (it's a freaking miracle). But unfortunately there's a downside for your hair when it comes to the beach life, since the salt water, chlor and all the

As I told you already in a few posts, I'm going to work with Redken this year to show you everything about haircare, styling and of course the connection between beauty and fashion. So every month I will have a couple of posts of you, talking about new things I try with my hair and of course I'm going test a lot of

As you probably have already seen on my Social Media accounts, the Fashion Week in Berlin was very special for me this time. Finally I could announce some big news that I was hide for a couple of month now. I worked with Redken several times before, so I was more than excited when Redken told me that they're planning a big project

Last week I had the chance to try the Kérastase Fusio-Dose hair treatment at the Marlis Möller salon in Düsseldorf. You know how much I care about my hair, I always try to make them look best, but 'protect' them at the same time. Even though my hair is actually really healthy (I don't have split ends or so), I have the driest