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f you know my photos and my style, you’ve probably noticed that I’m huge Fan of jewelry. I stopped counting how many rings and bracelets I wear on a daily basis. But my jewelry collection is actually really small, since quality is super important to me and I just know which styles I will love for a long time. A few month ago I

ven though photography is by far our biggest passion, we haven't managed it to get our pictures from screen to reality. It's almost a scandal, since we're drowning in photos from all of our trips, but still no memory is framed. Ok in our defense, we created several photo books over on Cheerz, but well, there was still a naked wall in our

#1 SKAGEN WATCH The all time favorite christmas present. Wohl der zeitloseste Klassiker (was bin ich wieder lustig) unter den Geschenken. Besonders für Männer, denn mein Freund hat bereits eine Sammelleidenschaft für Uhren entwickelt (kann man quasi nie genug haben). Meine bzw. unsere Favoriten sind die Uhren von Skagen, denn diese sind hochwertig und schlicht und sind damit das perfekte (Business-) Accessoire. Das Modell 'Hagen'