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ock on ring 2018, where to begin. Because once again I became aware of the huge influence music had on my personal development and style and how important it is to let the right people into my life. Rock am Ring gives me more than every 5 star luxury vacation on this planet. It doesn't matter if I sit on the air mattress praying

ince I got so many request to share our analog photography with you, I decided to start a new blog series, where I'm uploading my favorite shots of every month. I got my first analog camera to Christmas last year and since then I'm obsessed. I even got my hands on my dads first camera, which is a retro lovers dream. The pictures

t's Rock am Ring when you weren't able to see one of your favorite bands (Rammstein) again, when you used two rolls of tape and when the love always wins, even when there's a terror warning (luckily nothing happened). I'm honest, I haven't showered for 5 days, haven't washed my hands a lot and on the last day I was probably 50% beer and

The City. I wish you all a great monday morning and a good start into a fresh new week. Feeling super relaxed after a weekend at my parents house, but I can’t wait for my boyfriend to come home after his skiing holidays and spent some free time with him in Cologne. Today I’m going to shop a bit with my grandma and

Part II, christmas & another year ‚The L Fashion‘. Today I’m going to show the second part of my 2013 review (see part I HERE). I can’t say how thankful I am for my family, friends and of course of you, my lovely followers, just with your support this blog is possible and I can’t for another year with you. Teil II, Weihnachten &

Beer, christmas lights & typical German. A new week starts, but let’s look back at the last weekend which was so much fun (and christmasy!), because the family of my boyfriend was in Cologne and we visited some of the christmas markets and brewhouses, so don’t wonder about all the beer in this post, this is totally ‚normal‘ (or should I say  a

Relaxing weekend & hello fall. So right now I'm at my parents house, where I'm going to stay my whole weekend. I don't have planned anything big, just relax a bit with my family. And let me tell you, fall is in full swing, it's so beautiful here at the countryside, so I'm going to collect some impressions for you (and for myself,

Nikon-user & future projects. These are the photos my friend Thomas took of me last tuesday. Let me know what you think about the results and visit his Facebook Page and Blog about his awesome work. We also planned some other projects together, so stay tuned. Nikon-Nutzer & zukünftige Vorhaben. Heute habe ich die Fotos für euch, die ich letzten Dienstag zusammen mit einem Freund von

Fall feelings & Make-up. So right now I'm on our couch learning and feeling a bit sick (lets hope it's only a 'feeling'), hello fall I've missed you. Today I need to shop some things to complete my Coco Chanel Look for a contest that I'm joining and soon going to show you here on the blog. And maybe I'm going to visit

Birthday bash & back to business. Hey guys, hope you are having a great start into the new week. I'm slowly getting back to the daily business, but today I have some photos of my birthday for you (and the festival photos are following also very soon). The weekend was amazing and I had such a beautiful birthday. I'm so thankful to have

23 years & a different dress. Today is my favorite day of the year, ok besides christmas, you all know about my big christmas addiction. I'm turning 23, as you probably can tell by these big pink blow-up numbers (and yes I needed to buy these ones). I'm super excited because all my friends are coming over these afternoon and we're all going