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Finally it's May, for me this is always the month where I can finally start thinking about summer time. But ok, today I'm not really talking about summer time, because I have to share some looks with you that we shot during April. And lord have mercy, we had some drastic weather changes during the last month, from 20 degrees and sunshine to

I'm a fulltime blogger for less than a month now and I don't know how to describe it, it's just weird (a good kind of weird). Even though I spent 80% of my day replying to mails and doing boring admin stuff, it's the best feeling to call your biggest passion your job. One of my favorite things to do is spotting the

I bought this slip summer dress last summer, because I really liked the elegant look and I have to say, it's just perfect to combine with a pair of leather pants, as you probably know, I love to mix different styles and trends. Another must-have when it comes to cold winter days, are faux fur jackets. I found this multicolored one at Otto,

Hey everyone, it's finally happened, I wrote my last exam ever and only three weeks left until I finish my thesis. I'm so excited to be finally 'free' again and to enjoy the christmas season without studying or any kind of stress. Talking about christmas, with the beginning of the festive season I decided to team up with Asos and show you my first

Ich hatte euch ja bereits in einigen Posts schon von meinen Shoppinggewohnheiten berichtet, denn ich versuche (Betonung auf versuche) lediglich vier Mal im Jahr meinen Kleiderschrank auf die kommende Jahreszeit ‚vorzubereiten’. Ich bin jemand den shoppen nämlich total stresst, ja ihr habt richtig gelesen. Aus diesem Grund durchstöbere ich zu jeder neuen Saison sämtliche Blogs und Magazine auf die Trends und Essentials der

Goodness Gracious on repeat. So what to do when it’s cold outside and you don’t want to wear tights (because I hate wearing them)? Right, just put on your favorite dress and combine it with overknee boots and a big faux fur coat, no tights needed. In my opinion the perfect chic look to wear on colder spring days, but I hope that the weather

Six looks, my favorite shoes & theme party. Because I have to write three exams next week I need to study the whole day, but of course I wanted to show you my Lookbook with all my outfits from this month. Let me know what you’re favorite look is and feel free to enter my current ‚Thank you‘-Giveaway HERE. So now back to the books,

Last winter colors & Cut-Outs. Wuhu definitely spent too much time in the gym this morning because I’m totally exhausted, but ok the only thing I need to do today is studying (while sitting on the couch and watching the winter Olympics). Like every wednesday I want to show you a new outfit we shot last sunday and yes I’m wearing pants again