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WHILE WEARING A HARLEY DAVIDSON SWEATER AND KNEE-HIGH COWBOY BOOTS. I was close to writing ‚hey somehow I managed to create a feminine look (accidently)‘, but than I noticed, I’m wearing a Vintage Harley Davidson Sweater. Probably worn before by Jax Teller, let’s be real. If you have to google him now, we can’t be friends. Period. But to be honest, I wouldn’t describe my style

[one-half-first]Of course I come around with one of my last Winter looks when we skipped Spring and straight going to summer with sunshine and 27 degrees. But we shot this look before Vietnam and never had the time to publish it. Since I love this outfit so much and well we have April, it could snow again next week, I'm just going to

[one-half-first]2017 the year of an annoying new Instagram algorithm and well, Gingham. It completely ruled the Spring/Summer season. Like Follower-buying Bloggers it was all over Instagram. I don't need to point out which trend I prefered.[/one-half-first] [one-half]2017, dass Jahr kreativitäts-vernichtender Instagram Algorithmen und das Comeback Jahr von Gingham. Der Muster-Trend war auf Instagram so present wie Follower-kaufende Blogger. Nicht erwähnenswert welcher Trend mir mehr

Bag : Gucci (here | here) Scarf : Asos (here | here) Pants : Topshop (here | here) Coat : & Other Stories (here | here) he message of this blogpost in short: visit Stockholm or Sweden in general, well Scandinavia in general. If you're a sucker for aesthetics like I am, it's going to be your personal paradise. Like Paris, Stockholm was (optical) mostly spared from war (make love

Bag : Chloé (here | here) Pants : Topshop (here | here) Hat : Lack of Color (here | here) Faux Fur Jacket : H&M (here | here) ello 2018. Back to real life after weeks of food and family time, back to work, back to talking photos. I have to say, we kind of struggled to get back into our content creating routine. Probably because I spent my

Scarf : Zara (here | here) Pants : Zara (here | here) Shoes : Buffalo (here | here) Blouse : Vintage (here | here) Bag : Marc Jacobs (here | here) Belt : Sacred Hawk (here | here) 'm not a dress kind a girl, that's a fact. So when it comes to the festive season it can get a little tricky, when you have to dress up and create a Christmas Outfit. I

Scarf : Zara (here | here) Jeans : Zara (here | here) Shoes : Zara (here | here) Jacket : Asos (here | here) Sunglasses : Chloe (here | here) Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim (here | here) he headline of this blogpost is probably my favorite place on this earth besides the beach. I can't explain it, but New York just has this incredible energy everywhere you go. And I probably don't have to

Shoes : Buffalo (here) Belt : Asos (here | here) Jeans : Levi's (here | here) Blazer : Vintage (here | here) T-Shirt : Vintage (here | here) Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim (here | here) Faux Fur Scarf : H&M (here | here) t's official, I'm obsessed with shoes, especially when it comes to extravagant designs. You can transform every look with a pair of statement shoes, by the way, that's my trick when I

Bag : Picard (here) Jeans : Vintage (here | here) Coat : Noisy may (here | here) T-Shirt : Vintage (here | here) Shoes : Vic Matie (here | here) Faux Fur Coat : Mango (here | here) inding the right outfit is currently a real struggle, since it's freezing outside and I'm super busy at the moment, so the key to the perfect look is suitability for daily use. Layering is always the

Jeans : Levi's (here | here) Coat : Vintage (here | here) Sneakers : OXS (here | here) Sunglasses : Ray Ban (here | here) ike I said in my latest Paris post, I have even more pictures with the gorgeous Eiffel Tower for you. It's a simple fact, when you visit Paris you're just forced to take tons of photos here, for obvious reasons. Talking about

Blazer : Zara (here | here) Jeans : Levi's (here | here) Hat : Vintage (here | here) Coat : Vintage (here | here) Booties : Buffalo (here | here) Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim (here | here) T-Shirt : Palina Pralina Shop (here) ou know you love a pair of shoes (or a piece of clothing) when you get them in every color available, that's dedication people. Well this happened to me with these