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'm skipping the 'another year has past bye' introductions, because nobody really needs this. And why stressing, because at the moment we can finally enjoy a little free time between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Keyword New Year's Eve, even if you haven't planned anything big, it's always nice to get ready a bit more than usual. Since an edgy look is a must

You know, I'm definitely not the most romantic person, ok not at all to be honest. But I'm really into make-up and trying out different products, so it was a real pleasure to film a tutorial with a rosé make-up look which is suitable for any occasion, not just Valentine's Day. On my skin I used my typical combination, bronzer to contour, blush

I'm not one of the super Make-up lover girls, but when I saw these two things at the KIKO sale I felt in love. Since I'm a big fan of the color burgundy I need to try these eyeshadow and lipstick (I definitely want to use more bright lipsticks). I paid around 5 Euro for both items, which is such a great bargain.