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• enthält Markennennungen & Affiliate Links • PLAYING DRESS UP WELL KIND OF I was never an Dress kinda Girl and I probably will never really be. Probably because my style is more on the edgy side and masculine pieces like structured Men's Blazers and oversized Shirts are dominating my closet. But sometimes even I am in the right mood where only an extravagant dress can satisfy

It's a wild world out there. Let's escape it for a while. ew York, the city that never sleeps. The charm New York has for me, I like life around me. Somewhere between never feeling alone and perish in the crowd. The fascinating thing about this city, even in the big city jungle, you will always find small oases. One of these places is the

hen you ask my about my style, I actually have no idea what to say. It's a wild mixture of everything, because that's what I like. But it's never girly, well my complete personality isn't girly, I just enjoy the rough stuff. So I decided why not starting a Styling series where I show you how I like to style and combine different

You don't need to be much into fashion to see that maxi dresses and Chucks are the trend combo of this summer. My Chucks collection is growing more and more (head over to my Instagram for a really sick metallic high-top pair) and I think they are the most versatile shoes ever. The simple black version should be a must-have in every shoe

Shoes with Lace-Up details are everywhere right now, first seen on Streetstyle stars you can get them everywhere lately. I adore this trend since the details wrapped around the ankles immediately gives your looks a sexy vibe. Lace-Up details work with every kind of shoes, flats and High Heels. I especially felt in love with these simple nude High Heels from Buffalo, since

Ok there's a problem with all the new spring collections in the stores right now, we don't have spring weather yet, it's freezing outside. There's no chance to wear all the the amazing boho inspired pieces, let's be real, spring/summer dresses don't really look that good under coats, so I had to find a way to make it through this transition period. I recently

I bought this slip summer dress last summer, because I really liked the elegant look and I have to say, it's just perfect to combine with a pair of leather pants, as you probably know, I love to mix different styles and trends. Another must-have when it comes to cold winter days, are faux fur jackets. I found this multicolored one at Otto,

Good morning my loves, sorry for the lack of updates, but my bachelor thesis is stressing me out. But hey less than two month and everything is done and I'm finally able to blog as much as I want to (and celebrate christmas as much as I want to). Luckily we love a little break between all the madness, so we are able

But today I want to share another look with you since summer finally arrived here in Germany, with over 30 degrees to be correct. When it's hot like this I really prefer dresses, which is really rare, since I wear pants and shorts all the time. But when I saw this dress I immediately felt in love and you probably know why, yep

Layers, good mood & a even better boyfriend. Good morning my loves, I’m in such a good mood today, the sun is shining, I have my coffee and after I wrote this post we’re going out to shoot some photos and prepare our trip to Hamburg. My boyfriend and I are really hardworking lately when it comes to the blog and I’m so

Cowboy boots, lace bra’s & Miss Panettiere. Lord have mercy, right now I’m sitting on our sofa and listening to county music, the full range. And I feel the urge to buy some cowboy boots. Nashville I curse you! You probably know that I’m addicted to tv series (almost every single one) and I just finished Nashville and absolutely adore it (probably because