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WHAT A TACKY CAPTION BUT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT VINYL HERE. [enthält Markennennungen & Affiliate Links] And the shiny part is probably the reason why I'm quite torn between everything Vinyl. It can quickly look cheap. But besides leather, Vinyl is the material that also screams coolness at full volume. So it definitely has its charm. In the end it all depends on the styling, because it can

• enthält Markennennungen & Affiliate Links • PLAYING DRESS UP WELL KIND OF I was never an Dress kinda Girl and I probably will never really be. Probably because my style is more on the edgy side and masculine pieces like structured Men's Blazers and oversized Shirts are dominating my closet. But sometimes even I am in the right mood where only an extravagant dress can satisfy

• ANZEIGE | AD • SOME FALL ESSENTIALS EVEN WHEN IT STILL FEELS LIKE SUMMER ock Boots, which were the trend shoe of last season, has again asserted itself as a must-have this autumn/winter season. So I was more than thrilled when I discovered some really cool Sock Boots models in the current Peter Kaiser Autumn/Winter collection. If you are still looking for high quality boots, here

City trips, his & hers. I can’t wait for sunday, because then my boyfriend and I are leaving Cologne for a little city trip to Hamburg and I’m super excited because I think it’s such a beautiful city (I was there three years ago). Also I’m really looking forward to the Parade Press Day in Hamburg that we’re going to visit. And because

Photo - Peter Schmitz, Fashion - Ann-Christin Schmitz, Make-Up - Kristina Serio, Hair - Sandy Fashionable weekends & pretty things. Oh lord what horrible two days. I didn’t now what happened but I think that I ate something wrong and I felt so sick like never before, but luckily it lastet only two days and now I’m back, trying to get back to my usual blog schedule.

got2be Löwenmähne Haarspray, Mac Pro Longwear Foundation, H&M Real Leather Bracelet Today I'm going to show you my favorite beauty and make-up products right now. I would love to hear what your favorite items are. Heute zeige ich euch die Kosmetik und Make-up Produkte die mich im Moment am meisten überzeugen. Lasst mich doch wissen an welchen Produkten euer Herz hängt.  Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss #553, L'oreal Paris Glam