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Bag : Chloé (here | here) Pants : Topshop (here | here) Hat : Lack of Color (here | here) Faux Fur Jacket : H&M (here | here) ello 2018. Back to real life after weeks of food and family time, back to work, back to talking photos. I have to say, we kind of struggled to get back into our content creating routine. Probably because I spent my

★ ANZEIGE | IN COLLABORATION WITH FASHIONETTE ★ Bag : Chloé via Fashionette (here) Jacket : Vintage (here | here) Boots : Buffalo (here | here) T-Shirt : Asos (here | here) Tights : Asos (here | here) o I often get how I would describe my personal style and that's one of the hardest questions for me, because to me honest. I have no idea. My style is a wild mix

Today's post is a bit different, since I'm going to show you the brand new Paris Collection by Tory Burch, wich is inspired by our all time favorite fashion city, Paris (as you probably can tell by the name of the collection, d'uh). My latest fashion resolution is to bring more colors into my looks, since when it comes to my looks it's

Photo - Peter Schmitz, Fashion - Ann-Christin Schmitz, Make-Up - Kristina Serio, Hair - Sandy Fashionable weekends & pretty things. Oh lord what horrible two days. I didn’t now what happened but I think that I ate something wrong and I felt so sick like never before, but luckily it lastet only two days and now I’m back, trying to get back to my usual blog schedule.