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• collaboration with Jake*s | Zusammenarbeit mit Jake*s • Pants : Jake*s Collection (here | here) Blazer : Jake*s Collection (here | here) Shoes : Pomme D'or (here | here) T-Shirt : EMP (here | here) Bag : Topshop (here | here) o thank god, suits aren't only worn by men for a long time now, because there's probably no bigger statement you could make. And thanks again, that classic (actual

You probably have already seen the classic Mou boots which are kind of looking like UGG Boots but with a special twist (stitch details are the signature look). The sneaker sole gives these shoes a complete new look and I'm wearing them almost everyday, since they go with almost every outfit and are just made for cold winter days (comfort levels are high).

Plateau Heels, pointy pumps and overknee boots, we all own them. Shoes that you definitely not wearing everyday. My closet is full with these kind of shoes and don't get me wrong, I love them a lot. But let's be real, I'm wearing the same pair of comfortable shoes every single day (we all have a pair of shoes like that). Since I'm

Cowboy boots, lace bra’s & Miss Panettiere. Lord have mercy, right now I’m sitting on our sofa and listening to county music, the full range. And I feel the urge to buy some cowboy boots. Nashville I curse you! You probably know that I’m addicted to tv series (almost every single one) and I just finished Nashville and absolutely adore it (probably because

Sunday morning & new shoes. Good morning and happy sunday my loves. We spent our saturday night with some work on the new blog design, definitely wanted to change the side part. It’s not finished yet, but let me know what you think. Today I wanted to show you the new and absolutely beautiful high heels from Buffalo Boots that arrived on friday (I

Hey guys, so as promised I have another outfit post for you. And again it's black from head to toe, but I can tell that we're going to shoot a completely different look next week, because I found a really pretty dress for my birthday and let me tell you, it's bright orange. Ok my birthday is in two weeks, but I want

Hey guys, hope you are having a relaxing sunday.  After a saturday full of learning and university stuff (our exams are in two weeks), we enjoyed our sunday even more. We decided to go to the Lanxess Arena, a super big arena here in Cologne, I'm going to see Rihanna there for the third time in a couple of days. And after three

As promised I have a new outfit post for you. We shot these pictures yesterday, before we drove home to our parents. The weather was still very grey and cold, but fortunately there was no rain. I'm really into those bohemian trends right know and I love it to mix it with my leather pieces to give it a little edge.  So I'm having

Our second week in cologne and we still have a lot to do in our apartment, but just some small things and everything is done (of course I'm doing a blog post about it when we're finish). The weather here in Germany changed to winter again, after three days of sun and temperatures over 17 degrees we have snow again. I hate winter