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It's a wild world out there. Let's escape it for a while. ew York, the city that never sleeps. The charm New York has for me, I like life around me. Somewhere between never feeling alone and perish in the crowd. The fascinating thing about this city, even in the big city jungle, you will always find small oases. One of these places is the

Bag : Gucci (here | here) Scarf : Asos (here | here) Pants : Topshop (here | here) Coat : & Other Stories (here | here) he message of this blogpost in short: visit Stockholm or Sweden in general, well Scandinavia in general. If you're a sucker for aesthetics like I am, it's going to be your personal paradise. Like Paris, Stockholm was (optical) mostly spared from war (make love

★ ANZEIGE | IN COLLABORATION WITH FASHIONETTE ★ Bag : Chloé via Fashionette (here) Jacket : Vintage (here | here) Boots : Buffalo (here | here) T-Shirt : Asos (here | here) Tights : Asos (here | here) o I often get how I would describe my personal style and that's one of the hardest questions for me, because to me honest. I have no idea. My style is a wild mix

T-Shirt : Asos (here | here) Shoes : Crickit (here | here) Jacket : Vintage (here | here) Hat : Lack of Color (here | here) Shorts : Forever 21 (here | here) Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim (here | here) ell I wish, but at least we found a cool spot in Cologne in front of this Vintage Record Store, which definitely has some 'American' vibes to offer. It's not a secret that

hen you ask my about my style, I actually have no idea what to say. It's a wild mixture of everything, because that's what I like. But it's never girly, well my complete personality isn't girly, I just enjoy the rough stuff. So I decided why not starting a Styling series where I show you how I like to style and combine different

ollowing situation, my first festival is in one weeks and the plan is to not wash my hair for these four days. And I already now, that my festival hair is going to end up in a braid under a hat. Because I don't really care how I look like during these days. But I got so many requests to share some ideas

Shoes : Buffalo (here) Vest : Zara (here | here) T-Shirt : Asos (here | here) Pants : Forever 21 (here | here) Bag : Vintage Aigner (here | here) t's no secret, I'm a sucker for music and festivals. Music is actually the biggest inspiration for all of my looks. Especially when the music is older than myself. That's probably the reason why a lot of my outfits

Scarf : Zara (here | here) Jeans : Zara (here | here) Shoes : Zara (here | here) Jacket : Asos (here | here) Sunglasses : Chloe (here | here) Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim (here | here) he headline of this blogpost is probably my favorite place on this earth besides the beach. I can't explain it, but New York just has this incredible energy everywhere you go. And I probably don't have to

Shoes : Buffalo (here) Belt : Asos (here | here) Jeans : Levi's (here | here) Blazer : Vintage (here | here) T-Shirt : Vintage (here | here) Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim (here | here) Faux Fur Scarf : H&M (here | here) t's official, I'm obsessed with shoes, especially when it comes to extravagant designs. You can transform every look with a pair of statement shoes, by the way, that's my trick when I

Even though I'm a summer is my absolut favorite time of the year (I can't get enough of 30 degrees), I'm really looking forward to the fall season. You probably know that I'm not the biggest fan of sandals and I prefer to wear booties all year around and you can get the best ones (obviously) during fall. So I was really excited