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A TINY SPACE FOR SLEEP FILLED WITH LOTS OF LOVE You know this Instagram Interior trend going around for a while now? I talk about the all over white & grey super chic & polished homes. Well not for me.I just love colors, different patterns and all the fun details you can play around with when it comes to interior. For me this is what

irst of all, the easy way because you don't need any tools, screws or anything to put art on your wall. Since I like to change this up from time to time (actually quite often to be honest) I decided not to hang my pictures. Instead I got these picture ledges from Ikea, where you can arrange the pictures the way you like it.

Spring motivation & Swiffer kind of day. On todays To-Do List: spring-cleaning our apartment. I know it's just January but I feel so motivated today, so I'm going to grab my Swiffer now and then lets go.

Back to 'school' & bye bye sun. So current situation, today was my first day at university after the holidays and the weather here in cologne is horrible. It's cold and raining all the time, I miss the sun already. That's the reason why it's a little bit problematic to shoot new pictures. So I was forced to take some photos in our

A new 'My life be like'-post before my long weekend starts (I'm excited to see my family around easter time, ok and don't let us forget the good food made by grandma). But before that we're going to check out the cologne night life tomorrow night together with some friends. So and now we have to clean our apartment and get everything ready

Quick removal update: Yesterday we spent our first night in our new apartment. And I can tell you, the last two days were the hardest ones ever, so many stuff to do. But now I can tell that things are coming together, everything is built-on (except the kitchen, the next big project). On this picture you can see a part of our living

Uuuuuhh yeah, we finally found the perfect apartment in cologne and the best thing, we got the acceptance for it. I'm so excited, now everything is just perfect for our life in cologne. But there is a lot to do this week, because the move is this weekend and I need to prepare a lot of things. So I don't have that much

Again another Outfit Post shot in Cologne. Because we’re searching for an apartment we’re there a few times a week, but now we finally found the perfect one, so wish us luck that we get the acceptance for it. This weekend was a pretty calm one, yesterday morning Cologne and now blogging and later the new episode Homeland (I’m already addicted). To the outfit, I wore again my