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Scarf : Zara (here | here) Jeans : Zara (here | here) Shoes : Zara (here | here) Jacket : Asos (here | here) Sunglasses : Chloe (here | here) Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim (here | here) he headline of this blogpost is probably my favorite place on this earth besides the beach. I can't explain it, but New York just has this incredible energy everywhere you go. And I probably don't have to

In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself. Scarf : Zara (here | here) Boots : Zara (here | here) Jeans : Zara (here | here) Jacket : H&M (here | here) Bag : 3.1 Philipp Lim (here | here) Sunglasses : Miu Miu (here | here) o it wasn't our first time walking over the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, but again it was more than breathtaking. During

Scarf : Zara (here | here) Shoes : Zara (here | here) Dress : Puma (here | here) Skirt : Mango (here | here) Jacket : H&M (here | here) Blazer : Vintage (here | here) Sunglasses : Miu Miu (here) Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim (here | here) ou probably all know that we've been to New York for the second time with Redken (and I love them so much for this, since I lost my soul

Hat : H&M (here | here) Bag : Diesel (here | here) Scarf : Zara (here | here) Shoes : OXS (here | here) Jeans : Levi's (here | here) Jacket : H&M (here | here) ell it looks like we always get extreme weather when we're in New York. Last September was one of the hottest months of all time (35 degrees in a city like New York are tough) and now we

Sweater : Missguided (here | here) Pants : Mango (here | here) Sunglasses : Chloe (here) Shoes : OXS (here | here) Socks : Weekday (here) he obvious first, we never travelled in Business Class before and flights over 8 hours are always quite a hassle. So we were more than excited when my beloved Redken family wanted us to report from the second Lufthansa FlyingLab flight from

Jeans : Levi's (here | here) Coat : Vintage (here | here) Sneakers : OXS (here | here) Sunglasses : Ray Ban (here | here) ike I said in my latest Paris post, I have even more pictures with the gorgeous Eiffel Tower for you. It's a simple fact, when you visit Paris you're just forced to take tons of photos here, for obvious reasons. Talking about

Coat : Zara (here | here) Shirt : Zara (here | here) Pants : H&M (here | here) Sweater : Zara (here | here) Bag : Le Tanneur (here | here) Shoes : Vagabond (here | here) Sunglasses : Ray Ban (here | here) ooking through our travel pictures and creating a post around it isn't as easy as you might think. The reason, we are two highly motivated photographers

s you guys know we decided to do a super touristy trip to Paris two weeks ago, just because we're always so busy with projects that we never have time to fully enjoy a city. Since our hotel (you can read my review here) was located at the at foot of Montmartre, the highest spot in Paris, the famous basilica Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre was

s a gift for our 5th anniversary we decided to stay a night in Paris to discover the city a bit more, since we're always so busy with projects when we're traveling. We stayed at The Grand Pigalle Hotel which was the best decision ever, because this hotel is a real treasure with an amazing design and really helpful and friendly staff. Since we