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• PRESS TRIP | CONTAINS BRAND NAMES & AFFILIATE LINKS • Escape is definitely the right word, since I'm feeling quite 'stuck' at the moment. I hate the beginning months of the year, the weather is horrible, everything feels so goddamn grey and slow, motivation and inspiration included. So usual we go on our big yearly vacation during these months. Well not this year,

• ANZEIGE | AD • PASSPORT STORIES COLLECTING WILD MEMORIES AROUND THE WORLD ür viele Jahre stand Reisen für mich überhaupt nicht auf dem Plan, denn irgendwie standen Schule, Studium und sind wir ehrlich, dadurch verbunden fehlende finanzielle Mittel den Reiseplänen immer im Wege. Das änderte sich jedoch schlagartig, als Jochen und ich im März 2015 endlich die Studienzeit hinter uns lassen konnten. Keine zwei Wochen später

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. omewhere between elbow strokes of tourists and the moment you can't believe you're in this very place. The story of New York, but nowhere is that 'I'm really here'-feeling as strong as when entering the Brooklyn Bridge. Arriving unspectacularly in a Subway Station in Brooklyn and feeling like landed somewhere in nowhere, you find

It's a wild world out there. Let's escape it for a while. ew York, the city that never sleeps. The charm New York has for me, I like life around me. Somewhere between never feeling alone and perish in the crowd. The fascinating thing about this city, even in the big city jungle, you will always find small oases. One of these places is the