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Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass ich ein großer Fan von allem italienischen bin, die Sprache, die Mode und nicht zu vergessen das Essen, die ganze Lebensart war für mich schon immer mehr als ansprechend. Ok vergesst den italienischen Fußball, den braucht kein Mensch. Aber ja die Einstellung, das Leben in vollen Zügen und auf Genuss auszulegen, kann ich nur befürworten. Das dachte sich

Home Office, the best and worse thing that can happen to you at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I love to be independent and be able to decide when and where to work and let's be real, our home is always our favorite place. But when you live in a small apartment with only two rooms (bedroom and living room) it

You're probably right now 'Am I right here?', because this post is a bit different than usual. It's not about fashion or beauty, but I already told you that I want to publish more Lifestyle Posts as well and why not start with a big passion of mine. I have no idea why I enjoy football (or soccer) so much, but I'm always

You all know about my love for Festivals and after our Rock am Ring disaster (read everything about it here), we were definitely ready for a sunny Festival weekend without rain. Well let me say, we arrived to the Panama Open Air Festival at the Rheinauen Bonn (most beautiful location) in rain, but luckily this lastet only for a few hours. The Panama

Wer meinen Alltag auf Snapchat verfolgt, wird wahrscheinlich schon erkannt haben, dass ich ein großer Verfechter der 'Netflix & Chill' Bewegung bin. Sprich für mich, genauer gesagt uns, gibt es nichts entspannenderes als ein Freitag Abend mit unserer Lieblingsserie (wir haben uns dann mittlerweile auch an Game of Thrones gewagt). Über die letzten drei Jahre in denen wir nun zusammen in Köln wohnen,

Our Thailand adventure is already over a month ago, but I can't still believe how breathtaking these three weeks were, so I decided to share another beautiful beach recommendation on Koh Phangan with you. We discovered Haad Khom (Haad is the word for beach) during one of our road trips with the motorbike, which was our favorite thing to do. Haad Khom is

As you probably know, I'm writing monthly guest posts for the magazine of Fashionchick (unfortunately only in german) and since my Bangkok travel diary has to wait a bit until I can finally publish it, I decided to share my personal hotspots of Bangkok in this months Fashionchick guest post with you. So head over to see which places I recommend in this

When it comes to finding the right Hotel I'm the right one, trust me, because when I'm away from home I need to feel comfortable, otherwise I'm a real pain in the neck. Finding a good hotel in Germany is quite easy, because you get a feel for it after a while and you know which sites/hotels you can trust. When we planned

Greetings from Koh Phangan or should I say paradies, where we arrived three days ago and absolutely love it. I actually wanted to start with a Bangkok post, since this was the first stop of our Thailand journay, but lord, this blogpost is going to be a big one (video included), so just give me another few days for a lot of Bangkok