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• ANZEIGE | AD • [one-half-first]estival fashion, as versatile as music itself and as with music, pure matter of taste. From super practical to runway-ready, you'll find almost any outfit at festivals. There are no limits to creativity here. Even though I'm more of a fan of relying on robust Festival Essentials. And so this time we had the mission to put together my personal

• ANZEIGE | AD • ock am Ring was two weeks ago and we all suffer from a kind of post-festival blues. It's a thing. You quickly get used to the carefree days with friends in camping chairs and canned beer. The return to everyday life was correspondingly difficult. The good news, the festival season is still very young and so preparations for the next

ock on ring 2018, where to begin. Because once again I became aware of the huge influence music had on my personal development and style and how important it is to let the right people into my life. Rock am Ring gives me more than every 5 star luxury vacation on this planet. It doesn't matter if I sit on the air mattress praying

• ANZEIGE | AD • few weeks ago Peek & Cloppenburg (here are two independent companies Peek & Cloppenburg in Germany with their headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. This is a blog post released in cooperation with Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Düsseldorf. Its store locations can be found on approached me and asked me if I would like to share my idea about 'Real

• ANZEIGE | AD • ndlich ist es wieder soweit. Rock am Ring steht vor der Tür und damit verbunden der Beginn einer weiteren Festival Saison. Wir sind beide schon voller Vorfreude, denn wir werden auch dieses Jahr wieder mit unserer Lidl Familie vor Ort sein. Seit Jahr 1 (damals noch in meinem Heimartort Mendig), schwärmen wir von der Idee, den Lidl-Rockshop, einen Supermarkt auf

The following text may seem a bit salty. It is. Besides my serious aversion to a vocabulary without 'please' and 'thank you' (am I stuffy or just well educated?), I also have an allergy to 'not knowing how to help myself' (I definitely blame that on education). But well, I'm here for you and we'll learn. So please forgive the side blows. I

Gothic meets Glamour. [one-half-first]"Be yourself!" means that you accept yourself, no matter what the others think of you. It means individuality and creativity - two important cornerstones of OMEDELBAR." - Bea Åkerlund[/one-half-first] [one-half]„Sei du selbst!’ bedeutet, dass man sich selbst akzeptiert, egal was die anderen von einem denken. Es bedeutet Individualität und Kreativität – zwei wichtige Ecksteine von OMEDELBAR.” - Bea Åkerlund[/one-half] nd I would sign that

e are friends of a good Gin Tonic, fact. We discovered our love for this drink around two years ago. Call us late bloomers, but better late than never. In the meantime our Gin collection has grown considerably, because depending on your mood you need a different gin, right (all Gin friends will agree with me here). However, one of our favourite ones is

an we please mention that I belong to the generation that used to place orders at EMP from a catalogue by telephone (yes that was a thing). Further note, how appropriate is this collaboration? ;) It's no big secret that only heavy metal comes to my ears. And hey only because you work in the fashion industry doesn't mean you have to listen

hristmas time is the perfect time to treat yourself for all of the hard work you've done this year. Treat yourself or of your loved ones with something luxury. And when your an interior lover and a sucker for everything aestethicly pleasing like I am, you know that Diptyque is right places to shop for these treats. I'm honest, I always underestimated home scents,

ven though photography is by far our biggest passion, we haven't managed it to get our pictures from screen to reality. It's almost a scandal, since we're drowning in photos from all of our trips, but still no memory is framed. Ok in our defense, we created several photo books over on Cheerz, but well, there was still a naked wall in our

ou probably noticed it, it was quite silent over here. Even though we created tons of content I haven't posted it yet. The reason, I felt really uninspired and unmotivated and that's probably one of the worst things that can happen to a creative person. I hate this feeling, because you simply can't do your job, you can't force it. So I decided to