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IT'S MAKING A COMEBACK AND I'M NOT MAD ABOUT IT. NOT AT ALL. The one print that will take over this year’s Spring/Summer Season. 100% guaranteed.And to be honest, I’m all here for it. Probably because it’s another trend from past decades which is a synonym for ‘chances are really high this trend is already existing in my wardrobe’. It's straight back from the 60's Hippie era. The

• in collaboration with Calvin Klein | in Zusammenarbeit mit Calvin Klein • [one-half-first]Calvin Klein und ich haben beschlossen, uns nach Weihnachten auch weiterhin gerne im Zeichen der Liebe zusammentun. Ob man nun ein Fan des Valentinstags ist oder wie ich diesen Tag eher mit einem gewissen Abstand betrachtet, ist es doch schön, seinen Liebsten eine Freude zu machen. Oder vielleicht ja auch sich

inally coming to the mother of all Christmas presents, something you can never go wrong with. Obviously we're talking about high-quality watches. A timeless accessories for everyday (joke not intended). I've been wearing a watch every day ever since I can remember and I simply feel naked without it. This is probably due to the fact, that it's not just a watch for me,

f you know my photos and my style, you’ve probably noticed that I’m huge Fan of jewelry. I stopped counting how many rings and bracelets I wear on a daily basis. But my jewelry collection is actually really small, since quality is super important to me and I just know which styles I will love for a long time. A few month ago I

★ ANZEIGE | IN COLLABORATION WITH FASHIONETTE ★ Bag : Chloé via Fashionette (here) Jacket : Vintage (here | here) Boots : Buffalo (here | here) T-Shirt : Asos (here | here) Tights : Asos (here | here) o I often get how I would describe my personal style and that's one of the hardest questions for me, because to me honest. I have no idea. My style is a wild mix

★ IN COLLABORATION WITH MARC O'POLO | WERBUNG ★ Coat : Marc O'Polo (here) Shoes : Buffalo (here | here) Pants : Marc O'Polo (here | here) Sweater : Marc O'Polo (here | here) he change from summer to fall came pretty abrupt, so that's the reason why I'm sitting here with the heating on watching the world going down outside. But these aren't the only days I'm wearing my trusty

hen you ask my about my style, I actually have no idea what to say. It's a wild mixture of everything, because that's what I like. But it's never girly, well my complete personality isn't girly, I just enjoy the rough stuff. So I decided why not starting a Styling series where I show you how I like to style and combine different