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Hey guys, since I get so many questions about my hair, I decided to do some blogpost about it. Today I want to start with all the products I use to take care of my hair. I'm also trying the new Redken Extreme Length hair care line, that is supposed to make your hair grow faster and way more healthier. I just

You're probably wondering, new haircut? But yes for me it was quite drastic, since I needed to cut of a few inches of my hair and you know how long my hair was. But the ends of my hair were just super thin and now they look finally healthy again. I also decided to get a few 'fringy' parts around my face, since

As you probably have seen on my Facebook and Instagram I was in Hamburg last week for a very special project. I’m always super happy when I’m able to visit this beautiful city, it’s definitely my favorite one in Germany, I don’t know what it is, but this city just makes me feel happy.

So it’s definitely not a secret that I like make-up, especially when it comes to Mac Cosmetics Products, so it’s crazy that it took me that long to get my hands on some Mac lipsticks. Yes all these years using make-up and now Mac lipsticks in my little bag of beauty helpers. I always thought that you can get awesome lipsticks at the drugstore

Good morning guys, I would say bright and early but it’s 6 o’clock and pitch black outside. I decided to make this day a really productive one to get most work done before christmas in two days wuuaahh. In preperation for the festive days I already put together my christmas make-up look for this year. Normally I don’t really experiment with my make-up

Last monday I was able to attend the Sabon Store Opening here in Cologne and I was super excited because I enjoyed this beauty heaven with my girl Leonie from ohh couture.We first met during an event in Munich and to be honest, since then we’re in love, let’s be real guys, serious girl crush going on here.

I started my new week at the gym, it’s really hard to get back on track, but I’m very happy that I finally started my fitness routine again. Since many of you are asking me about my make up, I decided to create a blogpost for you, showing you my little tips and tricks and the products that I like the most.

Ok first of all, a big disappointment, but I don’t know the ultimate secret for clear skin, but I have some products that are a big help to reach (almost) perfect skin. I’m honest I don’t have the best skin, even when it seems like this on photos, but trust me, hello good m