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Mohawk Braids are all over my Pinterest lately, the reason for this is probably the upcoming festival season and yes Coachella. Normal braids just aren't enough anymore, so we have to step our braid game. I have to say, Mohawk braids aren't the easiest hairstyle you can do on your own. Actually I would say that my braiding skills are quite good, but

Ok let's be real, I love how my hair looks at the beach, because you get these natural beach waves that you can never ever achive at home, no matter what products or tools you use (it's a freaking miracle). But unfortunately there's a downside for your hair when it comes to the beach life, since the salt water, chlor and all the

ince I spent most of my february in Thailand at the beach my beauty favorites are really summer inspired, but I tried out some really great new products that you can use every day, no matter if it's summer or winter. a ich ja glücklicherweise den größte Teil meines Februars in Thailand am Strand verbracht habe sind meine Beauty Favorites dieses Monats doch sehr

As I told you already in a few posts, I'm going to work with Redken this year to show you everything about haircare, styling and of course the connection between beauty and fashion. So every month I will have a couple of posts of you, talking about new things I try with my hair and of course I'm going test a lot of

You know, I'm definitely not the most romantic person, ok not at all to be honest. But I'm really into make-up and trying out different products, so it was a real pleasure to film a tutorial with a rosé make-up look which is suitable for any occasion, not just Valentine's Day. On my skin I used my typical combination, bronzer to contour, blush

As you probably have already seen on my Social Media accounts, the Fashion Week in Berlin was very special for me this time. Finally I could announce some big news that I was hide for a couple of month now. I worked with Redken several times before, so I was more than excited when Redken told me that they're planning a big project

Ich melde mich nach kleiner Pause wieder zurück, denn die letzte Woche vor Abgabe meiner Bachelorarbeit ist gekommen und zum Glück steht diesbezüglich 'nur noch' der 'lästige Kleinkram' auf dem Plan. Gott noch eine Woche und dann ist es geschafft, ich kann es selber kaum glauben. Für alle die meine stressige Endphase auf Snapchat (@thelfashion) verfolgen, wissen wovon ich spreche (übrigens meine Klausuren

Last week I had the chance to try the Kérastase Fusio-Dose hair treatment at the Marlis Möller salon in Düsseldorf. You know how much I care about my hair, I always try to make them look best, but 'protect' them at the same time. Even though my hair is actually really healthy (I don't have split ends or so), I have the driest