Lisa Fiege


April 2018
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[one-half-first]Of course I come around with one of my last Winter looks when we skipped Spring and straight going to summer with sunshine and 27 degrees. But we shot this look before Vietnam and never had the time to publish it. Since I love this outfit so much and well we have April, it could snow again next week, I'm just going to

• PART 2 • • in collaboration with Kiehl's | in Zusammenarbeit mit Kiehl's • t’s still quite hard for me, to get my head around these 10 days we spent in Vietnam. So many unforgettable things happened, that I still think I’m dreaming. I can check off so many things of my wishlist and I’m beyond grateful for that. This trip is the proof, that

I'M WEARING Zara Skort, Vintage Blouse, Lack of Color Hat Topshop Shoes, Marc Jacobs Bag ne of the hardest things to explain is probably the value of traveling. Since it's so much more worth than every material thing on this planet. With every travel I can feel myself growing and learning so much. About the world and especially about myself. My first visit to New York was