Lisa Fiege


August 2017
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hen you ask my about my style, I actually have no idea what to say. It's a wild mixture of everything, because that's what I like. But it's never girly, well my complete personality isn't girly, I just enjoy the rough stuff. So I decided why not starting a Styling series where I show you how I like to style and combine different

ou know me, I'm a big fan of everything old and especially analog. That's the reason why I never was attracted to Smart Watches, I just don't like the look of them. But then there came Kronaby with their innovative Connected Watches. A (at first sight) classic watch with the timeless look I adore, BUT filled with the newest technology and helpful features

ven though my whole being and thinking is focused on aesthetics, blame it one my imagination and creative mind, it's the scent that brings back certain memories and emotions. I have a special relationship to this years summer. This is caused by the Burberry Blush scent, a new fruity and feminine Eau de Perfume from the My Burberry collection. We haven't planned any

Bag : Vintage (here | here) Hat : Lack of Color (here | here) Shorts : Forever 21 (here | here) T-Shirt : Juicy Couture (here | here) Shoes : Topshop | sold out (here | here) o I think I need to explain this location, right? But than again, when some Swans in front of a powerhouse are one of the strangest things you've ever seen, you should definitely step out

e're a generation that never stops, timeout is a foreign word for the most of us. We would never complain about lack of sleep, but are suffering from FOMO, fear of missing out. We can't stand missing something. For my part I don't care about fancy events or parties, it's more that one of my biggest fears is waisting time. I feel kind