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August 2016
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Home Office, the best and worse thing that can happen to you at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I love to be independent and be able to decide when and where to work and let's be real, our home is always our favorite place. But when you live in a small apartment with only two rooms (bedroom and living room) it

Even though I'm a summer is my absolut favorite time of the year (I can't get enough of 30 degrees), I'm really looking forward to the fall season. You probably know that I'm not the biggest fan of sandals and I prefer to wear booties all year around and you can get the best ones (obviously) during fall. So I was really excited

Some of you have already seen it on my Social Media Accounts, I was in Copenhagen a couple of days ago for a very special project. If you told me a few years ago, that I'm going to have the chance to co-design my own collection one day, oh well, dream on. But then you find yourself on a plane on the way

There's finally a new Youtube video on my channel. I actually wanted to show the big summer trends and Must-Haves of the season, but to be honest, this year we don't really have a summer here in Germany. So I decided to just show you my current Fashion & Accessoires Favorites.

When just put on some basics to fight a short heat wave and end up looking like a Dirty Dancing character, without the water melon. Blame it on the white Superga Sneakers, the High-waisted denim shorts and a oversized botton-down shirt. Just don't wear it the classic way, knot it in the front and wear it cropped. Trust me this look wasn't planned,

You're probably right now 'Am I right here?', because this post is a bit different than usual. It's not about fashion or beauty, but I already told you that I want to publish more Lifestyle Posts as well and why not start with a big passion of mine. I have no idea why I enjoy football (or soccer) so much, but I'm always

I probably don't need to explain the complete Jumpsuit thing, because these kind of one-pieces in long or short are a big thing in the fashion industry for a couple of years now. So there are mixed feelings about Jumpsuits, because let's be honest it's not the most practical thing on this planet. You know what I'm talking about when you're standing completely

You all know about my love for Festivals and after our Rock am Ring disaster (read everything about it here), we were definitely ready for a sunny Festival weekend without rain. Well let me say, we arrived to the Panama Open Air Festival at the Rheinauen Bonn (most beautiful location) in rain, but luckily this lastet only for a few hours. The Panama