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Februar 2014
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Selfies, bad characteristics & little friends. Hello from my parents house. I’m still here in my super sexy sweatpants (not!), drinking too much coffee and trying to get all that boring stuff into my head. I don’t really like those weeks, because I really want to be more active instead. Because I don’t have that much time to shoot new photos I want

Six looks, my favorite shoes & theme party. Because I have to write three exams next week I need to study the whole day, but of course I wanted to show you my Lookbook with all my outfits from this month. Let me know what you’re favorite look is and feel free to enter my current ‚Thank you‘-Giveaway HERE. So now back to the books,

Presents, beauty products & THANK YOU. Today I’m going to skip my Beauty Monday post, because I have something special for you (ok actually it also has something to do with beauty). I just want to say thank you for all your love and support, I love to work on my blog and it’s nice to see that you’re like it, so I

Man’s shirt, Killer Heels & suitability for daily use. Happy saturday my loves, woke up pretty early today because I need to study a lot, so I have a bit time to shoot some photos tomorrow (we’re leaving next week to visit our parents, so we want to prepare some outfit posts). Today I wanted to show you the outfit that I created

High Heels, Sunnies & Friday.  - Already received my sunglasses from Asos today and I love it, can’t wait to wear them. Really matches the     current ‚Elle casual trend‘. (Find them HERE) - Because I’m super excited about my next outfit I want to show you a little preview, I’m wearing a mint knit    sweater to play a bit around with the new springy pastels.

Last winter colors & Cut-Outs. Wuhu definitely spent too much time in the gym this morning because I’m totally exhausted, but ok the only thing I need to do today is studying (while sitting on the couch and watching the winter Olympics). Like every wednesday I want to show you a new outfit we shot last sunday and yes I’m wearing pants again

Sunday morning & new shoes. Good morning and happy sunday my loves. We spent our saturday night with some work on the new blog design, definitely wanted to change the side part. It’s not finished yet, but let me know what you think. Today I wanted to show you the new and absolutely beautiful high heels from Buffalo Boots that arrived on friday (I

Love, roses & Elle. First of all (if you like it or not) Happy Valentine’s Day, we’re not making a big deal out of this day. But I have to say I was so happy to wake up to this absolutely stunning roses (he knows that I don’t like the red ones, I’m quite puristic with that). I already went to the gym

I need spring, chaos & freaking Storm. So today I have another outfit for you and I don’t know but I think it’s kind of difficult to dress for this season, because the weather here in Cologne is actual pretty warm for this month, but it’s super windy and this every freaking day (and I think it’s the most annoying thing ever when

New week, sport & coffee. - started my week with a workout and fresh flowers (I’m really looking forward to spring) - found my dream beanie at H&M (it’s mint!), thanks to the lovely Kristina Bazan for being such an inspiration (couldn't find it at     the H&M online shop, but here is a similar one) - my new Buffalo Boots shoes arrived and it’s a pure shoeporn, can’t wait