Slip Dress Layering & Studded Booties

    Studded Booties by Buffalo | Lisa Fiege

    Even though I'm a summer is my absolut favorite time of the year (I can't get enough of 30 degrees), I'm really looking forward to the fall season. You probably know that I'm not the biggest fan of sandals and I prefer to wear booties all year around and you can get the best ones (obviously) during fall. So I was really excited when my favorite shoe label Buffalo released their new fall/winter collection and yes I want everything. Since…

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  • Noisy May Design Phase | Lisa Fiege

    Designing my Collection with Noisy may

    Some of you have already seen it on my Social Media Accounts, I was in Copenhagen a couple of days ago for a very special project. If you told me a few years ago,…

  • Dirty Dancing Denim | Lisa Fiege

    Dirty Dancing Denim

    When just put on some basics to fight a short heat wave and end up looking like a Dirty Dancing character, without the water melon. Blame it on the white Superga Sneakers, the High-waisted…

  • 1. FC Saisoneröffnungsfeier 2016

    My City, My Club | 1. FC Köln

    You're probably right now 'Am I right here?', because this post is a bit different than usual. It's not about fashion or beauty, but I already told you that I want to publish more…

  • Stradivarius Jumpsuit | Lisa Fiege

    Jumpsuit Styling Tips

    I probably don't need to explain the complete Jumpsuit thing, because these kind of one-pieces in long or short are a big thing in the fashion industry for a couple of years now. So…

  • Panama Open Air Festival 2016

    Panama Open Air Festival 2016

    You all know about my love for Festivals and after our Rock am Ring disaster (read everything about it here), we were definitely ready for a sunny Festival weekend without rain. Well let me…

  • Deliveroo Date Night | Lisa Fiege

    Our Friday Date Night with Deliveroo

    Wer meinen Alltag auf Snapchat verfolgt, wird wahrscheinlich schon erkannt haben, dass ich ein großer Verfechter der 'Netflix & Chill' Bewegung bin. Sprich für mich, genauer gesagt uns, gibt es nichts entspannenderes als ein…

  • Buffalo Pompon Sandals | Lisa Fiege

    Pompon Sandals | Summer Shoe Trend

    Summer has finally arrived in Germany and wow 33 degress, I'm just saying. For us this is hot like hell, so dressing for this weather isn't that easy, because most of the times you…